Ads policy

Behind The Scenes Ads Policy

In order to earn some income for all our efforts to maintain and write useful and/or entertaining posts, makes use of the services of Google AdSense to display ‘paid for’ advertising (Ads). Because we know that ads on a free website can sometimes be annoying they are placed in areas that will  create the least amount of discomfort for our valued readers and will in a way not to interfere with the content of the site. These ‘paid for’ ads are restricted to two per page.

The content of the Ads are randomly generated according to the content of the website. Google has strict policies on the type of ads they allow, so you won’t have to worry about the safety of the links and the referring websites. This website will not advertise counterfeit goods, dangerous products or services, products or services that enable dishonest behaviour or offensive or inappropriate content. Ads will also not be displayed as annoying pop-ups.

Taking the above into consideration, please at least consider clicking on the Ads when the contents might be of use to you. Also, if you are using an Ad Blocking Browser Extension, please disable it for this site.