Online gaming components & accessories
Online gaming components & accessories
23 February 2020
Ad: Get great value for money gaming components, accessories, toys, etc. online from BangGood. Free international delivery, including to South Africa. More…
Getting started with private projects on Raspbian and Bitbucket
Getting started with private projects on Raspbian and Bitbucket
28 October 2018
Bitbucket is a great alternative to Github to start, store and track simple programming dependant project files. On a Raspberry Pi it can be simply done using Raspbian. In addition to Github, projects uploaded to Bitbucket with less than 6 contributors can be kept private and won’t cost a cent. More…
Making the Raspberry Pi Use RF Signals for Logic
Making the Raspberry Pi use RF signals for logic
28 March 2016 | Updated 11 April 2017
This post will explain how to get the Raspberry Pi to read and interpret RF signal-codes to be used for logic. Ultimately I’ll show you how to “capture” signals as strings and compare them with expected strings to trigger either a Bash or Python script. More…
Eclipse PHP IDE
Eclipse IDE for web developers
24 December 2015 | Updated 3 February 2020
Eclipse is an open-source integrated development environment (IDE) used for computer programming. It is very popular for developing Java applications, but through plugins,¬†Eclipse can be turned into a multi-language programming software application. Eclipse is free-to-use and has all the features one would expect from any proper IDE. More…