Discover the easy way to send bulk SMS from your PC, Mac or mobile device
22 July 2018
Using the latest in technology, WinSMS offers cost effective messaging solutions that business owners can apply to their businesses and benefit from. Read more...
ESP8266 5V Wi-Fi relay switch modules
ESP8266 5V Wi-Fi relay switch modules
6 December 2017 | Updated 1 January 2018
As the the name implies, ESP8266 5V Wi-Fi relay switch modules are Wi-Fi enabled, relay power switches. The module includes a detachable ESP8266 micro-controller board. The main function of these boards are to be used as wireless power switches accessible from Smartphones. Read more...
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Magnetic door sensors
Magnetic door sensors
5 June 2017
This post introduces magnetic door sensors, also called reed switches, that are used to trigger movement of the objects (e.g. doors and windows) it is mounted too. Read more...
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Relay switch modules
Relay switch modules
26 March 2016 | Updated 27 January 2018
Relay switch modules are used as high voltage AC switches by connecting a signal and DC power supply to it. These modules are made up by a relay (the 'heart'), screw terminal connectors, a resistor, diode, capacitor, transistor and LED - making it perfect for electronic hobbyists to use in projects. Read more...
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