Online gaming components & accessories
Online gaming components & accessories
9 July 2020
Ad: Get great value for money gaming components, accessories, toys, etc. online from BangGood. Free international delivery, including to South Africa. More…
Understanding common network protocols
Understanding some common network protocols
7 September 2016 | Updated 29 February 2020
Deeper exploration into the world of inter-computer communications will reveal more and more types of communications (e.g. radio waves, Ethernet, Bluetooth, etc.), their interfaces and the network protocols¬†they use. More…
Making the Raspberry Pi Use RF Signals for Logic
Making the Raspberry Pi use RF signals for logic
28 March 2016 | Updated 11 April 2017
This post will explain how to get the Raspberry Pi to read and interpret RF signal-codes to be used for logic. Ultimately I’ll show you how to “capture” signals as strings and compare them with expected strings to trigger either a Bash or Python script. More…
Eclipse PHP IDE
Eclipse IDE for web developers
24 December 2015 | Updated 3 February 2020
Eclipse is an open-source integrated development environment (IDE) used for computer programming. It is very popular for developing Java applications, but through plugins,¬†Eclipse can be turned into a multi-language programming software application. Eclipse is free-to-use and has all the features one would expect from any proper IDE. More…