Eclipse IDE for Python developersEclipse IDE for Python developers
7 December 2016 | Renier Delport |
Eclipse IDE is a wonderful piece of free IDE software and Python is the language that makes many programmers very "excited" - so why not bring them together? Eclipse IDE added full functionality for Python developers through PyDev. Read more...
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12 Essential albums for Christmas12 Essential albums for Christmas
1 December 2016 | Renier Delport |
Christmas is once again upon us and decorations and preparations are seen almost everywhere. In the spirit of Christmas and its activities, here is my list of 12 essential albums for Christmas this year. Read more...
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The Mysterious Mussolini CocktailThe Mysterious Mussolini Cocktail
18 November 2016 | Renier Delport |
After a seriously long drought of cocktail hunting, while out with a couple of friends, I accidentally stumbled upon the what ended up as being a bit of a random cocktail, the Mussolini. Read more...
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Suit Of Powered Armour (reversed engineered version)Suit Of Powered Armour (reversed engineered version)
27 October 2016 | Renier Delport |
The Suit Of Powered Armour, featured in the 2008 version of Iron Man, was originally made in a cave by Tony and was reversed engineered to be bigger and stronger by Stane, also the CEO of Stark Enterprises. Read more...
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