LEGO bricks galore from
LEGO bricks galore from
21 March 2019
Ad: Browse and shop’s extensive range of LEGO brick sets. More…
Using PuTTY to connect to a Raspberry Pi
Using PuTTY to connect to a Raspberry Pi
16 November 2015 | Updated 19 November 2017
PuTTY is a free, open-source linux terminal emulator, serial console and network file transfer application. It is available for UNIX and Windows-based operating systems. Apart from other functions, PuTTY can be used to connect from a remote computer to a Raspberry Pi accessing its terminal interface. More…
The Raspberry Pi and local home networking
The Raspberry Pi & local home networking – my experience
8 November 2015 | Updated 2 July 2018
A local area network (LAN) can be seen as an hotel occupied by guests. In the beginning there is only the reception area, the kitchen and maybe one of two occupants, but as the hotel gets popular, more guests will have to be accommodated at the same time. More…
Raspberry Pi
Set up a static IP address on the Raspberry Pi
Setting a static IP on the Raspberry Pi and Raspbian
12 August 2015 | Updated 21 March 2019
A static (vs. dynamic) IP address is sometimes required for stand-alone Raspberry Pis. Whereas dynamic (dhcp) IPs on a network might change from time to time, a static IP will not and will simplify and standardise network connections to a Raspberry Pi. More…