LEGO bricks galore from
LEGO bricks galore from
25 April 2019
Ad: Browse and shop’s extensive range of LEGO brick sets. More…
433MHz RF communication to a Raspberry Pi
433MHz RF communication to a Raspberry Pi
27 March 2016 | Updated 1 July 2017
This post will explain how to get up and running with the 433MHz RF Transmitter Receiver modules to send radio frequency (RF) signal-codes from a transmitter device to a Raspberry Pi. More…
A Short Introduction to the GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi
A short introduction to the GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi
24 February 2016 | Updated 12 June 2018
The Raspberry Pi is equipped with a set of input/output or GPIO (general-purpose input/output) pins. This powerful feature significantly expands the Raspberry Pi’s abilities to communicate with other devices. These pins are connected directly the to CPU of the Raspberry Pi. More…
Introducing the Arduino Nano Microcontroller Board
Introducing the Arduino Nano microcontroller development board
3 January 2016 | Updated 21 January 2018
The Arduino Nano is a small, popular, microcontroller development board. It is a breakout board for ATmega microcontrollers. The boards are readily available, cheap, breadboard-friendly and easy to work with. More…