Introducing Pocket!

Introducing Pocket
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Pocket is a free read-it-later app for power users. In its simplest form it is used for saving web pages (such as articles and blog posts) on one of Pocket’s remote servers where it can be access later again for reading or referencing. Image and video links can also be saved.

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With the free version of Pocket, only article links are saved, but for about US$5 a month (or U$45 a year), a permanent copy of the content can be saved for offline view. Pocket also removes clutter from articles and allows the user to add tags to their articles and to adjust text settings for easier reading.

Pocket’s simple, yet effective, functionality makes it easy to save and retrieve articles from sources such as websites, Facebook, Google+, RSS Feeds, etc. Saved content and links are synchronised over all connected devices. Pocket is available for desktops, iOS, Android and Windows devices. They also offer browser extensions for Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

A very nice feature about Pocket is its tagging functionality. Custom keyword(s) can be assigned to links making it easy to organise and find at a later stage.

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