Adding team members to your Facebook business Page

Adding team members to your Facebook business Page
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Being a market leader, Facebook has evolved into a social media platform for individuals, communities and enterprises. In order to up the frequency and quality of posts, multiple team members can be added to a Facebook business page.

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By creating a ‘Facebook Page‘ (also called Facebook Fan Page), owners have full control over what is posted, and by who. Usually Facebook Pages are intended as one-way information portals for ‘followers’ that are interested in what you post about, making it perfect for businesses.

The problem is that posting regular quality posts to a Facebook Page can become quite daunting for just one person. Some enterprises might also have different departments, e.g. public relations, advertising, content editing, analytics, etc, or are using external resources for these roles. Just like your business, it is therefore necessary, and fortunately possible, to add more team members to be able to work on your Facebook Page.

Each team member can have a role

Before assigning team members to a Facebook Page, their specific role on the Page should be established. Facebook has 6 Page roles which can be assigned, changed and removed by the Administrator. The administrator (Admin) is the person who created the Page and has all the rights mentioned below.

Editors should focus more on the content of a Facebook Page whereas moderators are more about keeping an eye out on the followers. Apart from the moderator’s ability, editors can also change the settings of the Page, go live as the Page and create and delete posts. Moderators on the other hand can send messages to followers, remove comments and posts to the Page and remove and ban followers from the Page. The Admin and editor(s) will be able to post as the Page itself.

Advertisers and analysts are more specialised roles. Although Admins, editors and moderators has the same abilities, these two roles are purely reserved for drawing new followers through custom Facebook advertising campaigns and monitoring a Facebook Page’s performance. Live contributors can also be assigned to be able to post live videos to the Page.

The 6 Page roles can be tabled as follows:

Facebook Page roles
Facebook Pages can have team members assigned to 6 different roles.

Adding Facebook Page roles are easy

After the team members and their functions have been decided upon, their according role can be assigned from the Settings link (situated at the top of your Facebook Page). Go to in the left column and type a name or email in the Assign a new Page role box and select the person from the list that appears. Then click the button to select a role from the dropdown menu. Click the button and enter your password to confirm.

Adding team members to Facebook business page role editor

If you’re not friends with the person you’re adding, they will have to accept your invite before they can start helping you manage your Page.

Working as a team

Now that the team roles has been assigned in Facebook, each team member will have access to the functions according to the role they have been assigned to. It will be similar to using these functions as if it is their own Facebook Page.

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