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What is MailTime?
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MailTime is a mobile messenger application for working with emails. Its appeal is that it functions similar to messenger applications which makes viewing and sending emails much faster.

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Introducing MailTime

MailTime is available for Android and iOS. Although still popularly used, traditional email sending and receiving can be slow and cumbersome on mobile devices. While keeping most of the traditional elements of email, MailTime turns sending and receiving email messages into a conversational view – similar to WhatsApp and newer SMS applications. Emails that include multiple participants are displayed like a group chat, enabling users to reply-all or easily add and remove people from the conversation. All this is done on top of the email protocol, so MailTime doesn’t force email contacts to download the same app.

MailTime turns traditional emails into a conversational messenger view.
MailTime turns traditional emails into a conversational messenger view.

Why use MailTime?

For me, using MailTime makes it practical to use emails, which has no added costs (as with SMSs for example). Free email addresses e.g. Gmail, or a paid for email address can be used – as long as the SMTP and IMAP servers and their ports are known. The messenger format on a smartphone allows for fast communication without the need to first having to open an app to see if there are new messages.

Setting up MailTime

Installing MailTime
Installing MailTime on Android.

After the MailTime app has been installed, the app will go through the setup process. Apart from the email address and its password, the IMAP and SMTP server settings and the hosts IP address will also be required.either a Google Gmail account or an Other account can be added.


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