Online gaming components & accessories
Online gaming components & accessories
17 February 2019
Ad: Get great value for money gaming components, accessories, toys, etc. online from BangGood. Free international delivery, including to South Africa. More…
Using Cron to schedule tasks
Using Cron for scheduling tasks
30 June 2017 | Updated 11 July 2017
Cron is an Unix-like operating system software utility used to schedule automatic time-based commands. Entered commands can be in the form of Bash or Bash scripts that are meant to be automatically executed periodically at fixed times, dates or intervals. More…
Eclipse PHP IDE
Eclipse IDE for web developers
24 December 2015 | Updated 31 March 2018
Eclipse is an open-source integrated development environment (IDE) used for computer programming. It is very popular for developing Java applications, but through plugins,¬†Eclipse can be turned into a multi-language programming software application. Eclipse is free-to-use and has all the features one would expect from any proper IDE. More…
Installing Kodi on a Raspberry Pi
Installing Kodi on a Raspberry Pi
9 May 2015 | Updated 8 July 2018
Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) is an open source media centre software and is available in different forms for all major operating systems. For home use, XBian and OpenELEC are two popular Kodi-embedded media centre distributions. More…