Reviewing a 10 Watt LED integrated tube light

Reviewing a 10 Watt LED integrated tube light
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I recently obtained two so-called LED Series One T8 tubes and thought I would share my thoughts with you on a blog entry.

I originally obtained the ‘LED Series One T8‘ in an attempt to add more light while filming my YouTube videos. Although the results were undesirable, I thought to write something about it here.

The unboxing and wiring video is also available on YouTube.


These 60 cm / 2 ft LED lights were obtained from our local Chinese shop. What attracted me was obviously the price, the fact that they can connect to 220Vac and of course dreams and hopes. I got both for a measly ZAR100.

Although these LEDs are incapable to supply enough light for photography areas, they will definitely have other uses. As the box states, they should be “Suitable area for Wide range of application: Hotel, Bars, Supermarket, Washroom, Restaurant, Museum, Exhibition hall, Household or any project use.”

Reviewing a 10 Watt LED integrated tube light
The LED Series One T8′s recommended uses.

Even though low, their light presence can also be used in home security and home automation projects.

Useful features

With their low power consumption and ability to connect to your house’s power sockets, the LED Series One T8 tubes can be quite handy for permanent of temporary low lighting solutions. The tube measures in at 60cm / 2ft and can cover decent (small) areas.

Reviewing a 10 Watt LED integrated tube light
The specs of the LED Series One T8.

The power consumption is 10Watts, placing them in the same category as modern screw-in or bayonet-type light bulbs used in our homes today.

To connect these tubes to power is straight forward and being light-weight, mounting with or without the supplied mounting brackets should be easy.

The series of LEDs emits a nice, clean, cool white light in the 6500K colour range and has a predicted life span of 30 000 hours.

Reviewing a 10 Watt LED integrated tube light

Don’t expect

Also take a note of the warnings on the box:

Reviewing a 10 Watt LED integrated tube light


Decently priced, easy to install, neat looking, functional and probably useful in many applications in need of low light. I will most likely find a lighting project to use these.

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