Installing a cooling fan on a TEVO Tarantula 3D printer

Installing a cooling fan on a TEVO Tarantula
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By installing a layer cooling fan on the TEVO Tarantula 3D printer, printing material such as PLA sets faster which ultimately improves the printing quality. Many 3D printable fan duct designs have been tested and are available for the TEVO Tarantula.

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Out of the box, the TEVO Tarantula does not include parts for a layer fan – typically situated on the extruder end. Softer materials, such as PLA, takes a little longer to set (cool down) and can easily bend upon adding a print layer on top of it. This often leads to warping of prints – even more prominent in small prints and/or high printing speeds. The quality of bridging can also be improved by allowing less time to sag.

LPA FanDucts for Tevo Tarantula - v4.0
LPA FanDucts for Tevo Tarantula – v4.0 by Elzariant (available on Thingiverse)


A working solution for me was an appropriate model from the LPA FanDucts for Tevo Tarantula – v4.0 (recently upgraded to v5.0) done by Elzariant. It contains a set of fan ducts suitable for various versions/setups of the TEVO Tarantula. The download file contains model options for different sized ducts, single or double extruders, attachments for the auto leveler and different fan sizes.

All these models are installed on top of the current extruder fan. An additional fan is installed on top of the duct, allowing the cooling to be directed downwards onto the print. Installation is easy, and in most cases the 40mm fan situated on top of the main board can be relocated for this purpose. All the original screws can also be used.

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